Photoshoot – Exeter, Devon. 31st. July 2017.

So, the day of the planned photoshoot finally arrived and I took along some costumes, but model H added many more of her own. My costumes were very basic (economic), but I intended to elaborate upon these during post-processing work and in the painting stages later on.

I hired H specifically for her dreamy, ethereal look, her innate grace, and her marvellous hair. She was very easy to work with and I came away with a good number of shots displaying very interesting possibilities. 

The studio background paper I selected, was a neutral grey, and almost unimportant, as my backgrounds will be added later of course, however, grey also has the least influence on natural skin tones.

I am afraid that other non-art matters are pressing to be dealt with at present, so it might be some time before I actually start drawing and painting from these photos, but I am very excited now, and am looking forward to commencing my first fairy originals, perhaps when the Winter comes.

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