Fake Tree in Real Woodlands.

Thursday, 10th. August, 2017.

Taking advantage of a fine evening, an hour or so before sunset (after leaving work), I placed my fake tree stump into the boot of my car and drove to some nearby woodlands.

I looked around for a similar looking tree (although no Beech grew nearby, mostly English Oak and Sycamore), and propped my paper mache one up against one. I carefully positioned it so that the rays of the lowering sun fell upon it at a similar angle to how the lights had previously lit my model H, in the Exeter studio. 

It was interesting to observe how the foliage of neighbouring trees cast dappled shadows across my tree’s surfaces.

Later, in the PC, I, very hurriedly, cloned in some undergrowth between the roots. It all began to look quite real!

However, this was me being somewhat impatient. I was eager to see the possibilities of composite photography, and how it might aid my painting reference. It’s partly about avoiding the copying of others work and thereby infringing copyright laws, but it is also about having complete control over what you are trying to create. However, there are far more picturesque backgrounds to be found throughout this land, and seeking out one or two of them, must surely be my next quest.


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