Fairy Photoshoot in Exeter – Monday, 31st. July, 2017.

I loaded my cameras, and my papier mache model tree stump, into my car. The tree fitted in easily, as I had noted the dimensions of my car’s boot before I began making the tree’s original wire frame. I drove to the photographic studios in Exeter, where owner ‘A.’ was very helpful in setting me up with the lighting I was looking for.

I did some test shots of the tree alone, until I was happy with the lighting positions. I used a simple scheme, of a single strong source (coming from my right) plus a weak fill-in to kill the darkest shadows, hoping to emulate an outdoor low sun.

I ran out of time to complete the details on the tree and so it had no door or windows, but these, I decided, could easily be added later in the PC.

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