I am Philip Malpass, an artist from England, in the U.K.

Fairies lie hidden in dark forests, like everything that is unknown remains concealed from our gaze. Reality is more complex than we could ever imagine, and we can only hope to catch a glimpse of some of that which may truly be.

My passion is fantasy and all things magical and mythical. With a past in commercial art, only now (in my retirement) do I feel free to create art just for me, art from the heart. My art aims to celebrate life, in all its forms, (both the seen and the unseen) and having in my youth, worked closely with trees, forests and woodlands, those leafy places will always feel like home to me.

Reference photos of Fae Folk.

I base my drawings and paintings, upon reference photos that I take myself, of natural details and of course the Fairy Folk themselves. 

However, in truth, this journey of mine has barely yet begun. To follow my progress, check out my BLOG, by clicking the link in the MENU at the top of this page.

FAIRY. (noun). A small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, especially a female one. (Middle English – denoting fairyland, or fairies collectively, from Old French faerie, from fae, ‘a fairy’, from Latin fata ‘the Fates’). 

A dictionary definition (yet they are so much more than this … and not always small).

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Panel 1


Some pencil drawings and paintings from the past. I have worked in many media, but, in the future, oil will be my main choice. 

The Magpie Rider.
Flight Study.
Pencil Study.
The Dark Fay. (oil).
The Old Green Man. (acrylic)
One Friday morn' as we set sail ...
The Fairy Sisters Meet. (Lucky photo)
Fairy in the Shrubbery.
Panel 2


Panel 3

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